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Octavian Ungureanu, Architect

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One of the few integrated architectural and structural engineering companies in Romania. The way the architects and engineers work together is one of a kind. When the seismic design is of an extreme importance, the opportunity to evaluate all the ideas from both perspectives helps us bring more value to the projects we are involved in.

Let’s Work Together!

You want to build in Romania! Let’s work together!

We provide both architectural and engineering services and we like the same being involved in large or small budget projects.

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Why The Architecture Is Not an Art

The Greeks tried to find the perfect beauty in architecture. They searched and studied and finally design sets of rules of how to design beauty. Their architecture is beautiful. Later the Romans took the classical Greek architecture and used their forms and rules to go further. They built beautiful buildings…

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Architectural Design quality requirements according Romanian laws

Architectural Design Requirements in Romania

Romanian Construction Quality law sets a a few architectural requirements for the building design, named: Design Requirements These requirements are not solely for the design, they target the building from the design boards, the construction phases and the use of the buildings. The developer of any building is responsible for…

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How can the architect's design affect the fire safety

The Power Of The Architectural Design: Fire Safety

I’ve just wrote an article related to the high rise fire safety in Romania under the Building in Romania Category on my company website. Actually the starting point was not the concern regarding spreading the word on construction industry in my country, but a Linkedin discussion with other architects regarding…

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Primul Meu Proiect de Casa de Arhitect Octavian Ungureanu

My First Architecture Project: A House Design

I found by chance two pictures with the first house that I designed. It was 20 years ago and I was just an architecture student. This one is my parent’s house built on a piece of land inherited from my grandpa…. Most of my memories are not related to the…

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Houses Projects on Video

I posted two videos on my Architecture Company Youtube Channel: My company launched two series of house projects since 2004, being one of the first type houses projects. At least they are some of the few usable type projects, adapted to the Romanian building conditions. In Romania, the plot of…

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Apartments after Economical Crisis in Romania

Apartment Buildings Architecture After The Crisis In Romania

The new apartment buildings developed in Romania failed to target a specific market: the typical middle class family. They targeted a more and more narrow market niche as the prices went up. The way that the bubble developed is not very important right now, but the opportunities opened. The market…

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